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Claimant Testimonial

As a result of the economic crisis which began in Spain during 2008, countless property developers and associations went bankrupt, leaving purchasers without their Spanish properties and the deposits they had paid for them.

At MySpanishDeposit, we are here to help people affected by this situation, such as Emilia Ocaña Moratalla, by providing our legal expertise and experience to help recover lost deposits.

Our team consists of international lawyers from Hausfeld & Co LLP, known for its track record of both bringing large-scale group actions and claims against major banks, and Spanish lawyers from Eskariam, a specialist domestic firm with market-leading experience in winning property deposit claims in Spain since the crash. Lawyers from Eskariam have recovered over €200m worth of deposits for thousands of claimants (of whom Emilia Ocaña Moratalla is one of the many examples). We pursue the deposit that you paid, plus interest, for properties that were never completed.

In this interview we will examine Emilia’s case in further detail, from how she realised that she was one of the people who had lost her money due to the purchase of an off-plan property, to the different stages of the recovery process for her lost deposit.

Question 1

You were one of the people who lost their deposit paid for an off-plan property. Let's start at the beginning: when did you acquire your home and what was the process for buying the property and signing the contract of purchase?

Answer: I became aware of the development through a real estate agent and saw it as an investment for my children’s future. I made the purchase back in 2005.


Question 2

Time passed until reality hit that you would neither get your home or your money back. Who gave you the news? How did you react?

 Answer: I went to visit the construction site and the construction work had grounded to a halt, so I went to the town hall to request more information.


Question 3

How much money had you paid?

Answer: 24,000 euros


Question 4

Faced with a situation like this, often it is unclear which steps to take. In your case, what were the first things you did? Where did you go?


Answer: I didn't do anything because I didn't know how to react until I heard about ESKARIAM. They explained that there was a way to claim back my money..


Question 5

What convinced you to trust ESKARIAM with your case? Was it difficult for you to make a claim?

Answer: I found ESKARIAM reliable and decided to try and get my money back. It was easy, I was told the trial date and the judgment would be issued within a year.


Question 6

The claim process was long. How did you feel during the process? Did you ever lose confidence in the judicial system?

Answer: I was nervous, but the first trial and the appeal went well. I did not lose confidence in the judicial system, rather I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Court award a month after the judgment.


Question 7

After 4 years of uncertainty, you finally got your deposit money back – how did you feel when you were told you had won your case? Who was the claim against and who paid you your money?

Answer: I was thrilled  because it had been very difficult to save up the money for the deposit. Also, I was really pleased with the lawyer who handled my case. It was against Caixabank, who have now paid me back my deposit.


Question 8

How much of your original deposit did you recover? And what amount of interest?

Answer: I recovered my initial 24,000 euros, plus 12,000 euros of interest.


Question 9

Would you recommend that others affected should contact ESKARIAM to reclaim their deposit money?

Answer: My experience has been great; my case was handled by a phenomenal young man who had a great deal of experience. And yes, I would recommend contacting ESKARIAM as I found them to be reliable and trustworthy.


Question 10

What would you say to all those people who have been affected and who have not yet filed a claim?

Answer: That they should not stay at home and do nothing, but instead they should contact MySpanishDeposit who will help them claim back their lost deposits.  


Thank you very much for your collaboration and testimonial, which will help others like you to see that there is a solution to their problems and that with the help of expert legal professionals it is possible to recover their deposit money.


The MySpanishDeposit team thanks you for your trust.

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