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Time is running out to claim your money back on your unbuilt Spanish property

Have you realised there is a deadline for making your claim?


When we have suffered financial loss at the hands of others, it’s normal to want to achieve fair compensation. Unfortunately, whilst we often have the information we might need to bring a claim, everyday life often gets in the way and we delay making decisions, sometimes until it is too late.


If you were one of the people who paid out large sums of money to a developer for a house in Spain that was never built and you still haven’t made a claim to get your money back, you need to know that the deadline for making a claim is 7 October 2020.


While under Spanish law it would ordinarily be the case that you would have 15 years from the date of the developer’s breach of your contract to make a legal claim, the Spanish Supreme Court modified the law in October 2015, reducing this to five years. Therefore, the deadline for you to make a claim is 7 October 2020.


If this applies to you and you have not started a claim for the return of the money you paid to a developer for a house that was never built, please get in touch here or call us. We can help advise you and ensure that you don’t lose the opportunity to recover the money you paid.


ESKARIAM is a Spanish law firm that specializes in claims of this nature.  Working together with Hausfeld & Co LLP, an international law firm with its European base in London we are able to provide you with access to the best team of specialized lawyers for your case as well as the best technological tools to develop all phases of your claim.


Many people in Spain have already claimed and received thousands of euros back, but more in the UK, Ireland, and other countries outside Spain have not. If they don’t take action very soon, they will unfortunately lose the opportunity to do so” says Lianne Craig, a London-based partner at Hausfeld & Co LLP.


Start your claim now, or call or email us and a member of our team will be happy to talk things through with you.


Alejandro Castilla de los Santos

Deposits Director

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